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Sasuke’s wearing a turban/hat tho. That means…



So Naruto will be taller in the movie…

Makes sense. Guys don’t stop growing until they’re about 21 (while us ladies get the short end of the stick and stop growing at like 16). How much taller? Supposedly at the beginning of part 2 he was 5’4 but I’d wager he’s grown a bit since then. So is he gonna sprout to like 6ft or something?

This was a pointless post so don’t mind me.


Kishi what did Sasuke do you that you have just shattered his fashion sense since he was 13? It’s bad enough you have him walking around looking like Benzino’s no neck having ass in his trademark Uchiha shirts. I mean, I could deal with the onesie. It was sorta adorable (although I don’t know wtf you were thinking with his hair). I couldn’t handle his stripper shirt at the beginning of part 2. Thank Ninja Jesus it didn’t last long. But the skirt and the purple rope… I know the rope symbolizes Spaghetti Sauce’s purity or whatnot but the skirt?????

You have let Sasuke walk around in a skirt for 10 years damnit! Now you turn him into Jack Sparrow?! Dafuq is this shit?

Other than that… Older!Sasuke is kinda hot. Not as hot as Older!Naruto tho. Older!Naruto could get all these goodies.

And y’all thought he was gonna die…


You know you’re reading a narusasu/sasunaru fanfic from 2007 when the side pairing is always Itakyuu

Lol I’m writing one now 😆

😂😂😂😂😂😂It’s easier to become a jōnin than it is a chūnin. Thank you Tobirama.


Lol I forgot Shikamaru was the only one to pass. AND he actually forfeited his fight with Temari.
Let’s pause and marvel at the fact that it took 4 jōnin to hold back 14-year-old Neji.


the great thing about shipping sasunaru is that with most shounens, malexmale pairings get maybe a hug as their biggest pairing moments 

but with sasunaru it’s like lmao

There’s been 2 reactions to Sasuke in 692…

Half of the fandom has been like





The other half has been like





Meanwhile, I’m over here like




So I’m watching the Valley of the End fight…

After Naruto first taps into Kurama’s power while their standing on the water, that whole sequence with Naruto absolutely wailing on Sasuke is beautiful. And I actually love the English dub because of the way Naruto tells Sasuke he isn’t going anywhere. He uses those exact words and he’s surrounded by red chakra in this cute little pose and it sounds so adorable.

Then he starts kicking Sasuke’s ass.

I probably get waaaaay too much pleasure out of that scene.

naruto vs sasuke


naruto and sasuke could potentially get sealed away in this fight.

naruto saying kaguya was heartless right after he and sasuke successfully sealed her, and then sasuke declaring his intent to execute the five kage could mean that sasuke is heartless now too. which implies sasuke might need to be sealed away as well. sasuke views naruto as the only person who can stop him from enacting his revolution, so he may try to seal naruto away.

tenten currently has the Sot6Ps sealing tools.

one is the gourd that takes your soul hostage with your most used word, benihisago. the other is kohaku no jōhei, the pot that seals away its target if they respond to the wielder calling them.

what is naruto’s most used word?


who will sasuke always respond to?


kinkaku and ginkaku’s fight most likely only happened to demonstrate the benihisago and kohaku no jōhei. there’s no reason to set tenten up with the sealing tools unless they were to become relevant again before the end of the manga.


naruto and sasuke might seal each other away.

Nice prediction except… Only one of them could be sealed.

Benihisago is useless without the Kokinjo (the rope that takes the word soul) and that was sealed inside the Kohaku no Johei. So unless the rope is somehow taken out of the pot then the gourd cannot be used. Being sealed in the pot doesn’t seem to be permanent like being sealed in the gourd is (Gyuki was sealed in there before he was sealed in Bee) so it isn’t a death sentence or whatnot. I suppose it could be like… a prison.

But that wouldn’t be saving Sasuke. That would be like placing him in timeout.  And even if they do let him out of there eventually he’d probably be really pissed. The fact that the rope is even sealed in the pot is plot convenience of the highest order. It basically guarantees that if this situation were to play out, Sasuke would be the one getting sealed. I hope it doesn’t end like that, because that would be very lame and anticlimactic. I mean…

*Naruto picks up pot*
Naruto: Sasuke!
*Sasuke turns around*
Sasuke: What?!
*Sasuke is sucked into pot*
Naruto: Problem solved.

How lame is that? Plus, as hax as both Naruto and Sasuke are right now, I doubt a little pot or gourd is going to defeat either of them.

I’m sorry but them in their little samurai costumes is just too cute to me😍😍😍

Konoha’s Yellow Flash (♥ω♥*) (as Rock Lee imagines him)


Birthday Calendar!


Madara and I have the same birthday 👍😊