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you know that feeling u get 

This is beautiful.

Me & the Bae on Sasuke and Naruto...

Bae: I have a theory on why Naruto hasn't said a lot to contradict Sasuke.
Me: Orly? I'm breathless to hear it.
Bae: I think Naruto is just shocked and amazed that a supposed genius can be spewing this flawed bullshit and somehow think he's in the right. I mean, he's literally doing a combination of what Itachi and Nagato did. Sasuke wasn't around for Nagato was he?
Me: Not really. I think he might've known about him, tho.
Bae: Look at his face. Naruto lookin at Sasuke like "you dumb motherfucker." He look so damn annoyed with this situation.
Me: Yeah. I think Naruto's 1000% done with Sasuke's shit.
Bae: I hope one of the shuriken things takes off Sasuke's head. Doesn't wind beat lightning?
Me: Yes. Yes it does.
Konoha (happy snsmonth!)
"This place hasn’t changed one bit!

"This place has changed quiet a lot…"

note: you have a sns edit, but know that many shippers don’t even visit the sn/ns tag anymore? then tag your edit with #snsedits for everyone to see! spread the word!


via @funnyordie  

So sad but true… 😔


The Record Breaker: Peyton Manning breaks the all time NFL record with 509 career TD passes on this 8 yd pass to Demaryius Thomas.


Five-year-old Peyton Manning (right) poses for a family portrait with his father Archie, mother Olivia, big brother Cooper and baby brother Eli at their home in New Orleans in 1981. (Lane Stewart/SI)

Baby Eli tho!!! ☺️

A call to the Naruto fandom!


Let’s all post Selfies of us after reading the last chap. For the fun of it.
For all the support we gave each other throughout the years.
For saying: You are not alone with your irrational obsession with that shit. We are all here for you. ♥

Neji’s death is made about 10x worse when you think about the amount of pain he must’ve been in. He wasn’t just stabbed in the back. When that spike hit him it splintered. It expanded and created branches in his body like a root. Think about that for a moment.

Sasuke’s Susano’o is wearing an armored skirt. Sasuke just can’t get away from skirts, can he?


Trying out :3
Since the bromance in the recent chapters makes me happeeee~ 

"Leadership is the other side of the coin of loneliness, and he who is a leader must always act alone. And acting alone, accept everything alone."

— Ferdinand Marcos
Official WTA Championships photo - Singapore
Bet money Viz translates this as "But I…"

Fact: The love of an Uchiha is all-consuming. No one loves as deeply as them.
Fact 2: Right now Naruto is the only person Sasuke still cares about.
Bottom line: Nobody has ever loved or will ever love Naruto more than Sasuke does aside from his parents, that is.
It’s as scary as it is beautiful…
Especially because it’s mutual.